posted on 7 January 2024
Time for 2024

The year 2024 has arrived and it’s definitely been confusing just how quickly it seems the last year passed by. I know everyone says it but it only feels like a few moments ago that we saw in the year 2023, getting all excited about the mad year we had before like throwing our first day party but enough of 2023. A lot has happened during this last year, a lot of ups and a few downs – but overall its been absolutely banging.

A few of the goodies are – Emil’s little pilgrimage to Berlin (with a repeat one coming eh?), I got married, this website went live, we filled out bar eleven with tech heads, tried (emphasis on tried here) our hand at spraying designs on our shower curtain dancefloor separator (HUH?), multiple 5+ hour mixing marathons, upped our visual content with some verrrryyyy nice animations that Emil put together, I finally released a song I produced (more of that to come), our posters and flyers looking absolutely shit hot now, the Montana parties, all the gabba and many many more.

The thing we are most proud of during the year is that we launched the techno night and it has channeled all of our creative energies and inspiration into a regular event. This has allowed us to find the community we were so desperately looking for in Notts. We wanted to bring the experience of the iconic clubs from Berlin and places like WHP to Notts and along with it smoke filled paradises, the sounds that we wanted to hear and more importantly the immersive dancefloor to get lost in the music to. We had two excellent guest DJs join us for our night in December, who published these two sets – MKRTHD3NI4L

A very close second is this website where we are aiming to use it for our platform of all of the ideas we can’t wait to share with the world. This place will be central to our ideas and content. Annnnnndddd to fill that content void…we have recently found out how expensive it can be to start producing by bankrupting ourselves with new gear, I am sure this is a habit that will not die young. 

Finally, we are immensely grateful for those who have supported us during this year and also since we started the park90 project. Thanks so much and onto an even better 2024 where we will party again.


the other 45 of park90, sometime producer and full time enthusiast.

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