posted on 21 May 2024
Techno through the Haze and Kicks with Park90 at Bar Eleven

It came around again, our favourite time to play in Bar Eleven and bring our much loved industrial techno night to Nottingham.

This time, as always, was bigger than the last, with a new DJ, Orsa, and the return of our great friends, MKRTH and Axesone. Axesone set off the pace of the night with an excellent set making sure everyone found their feet. Orsa then came in for their debut making sure to keep the momentum powering ahead. Then came our set which, with the help of the Function Ones we had, absolutely shook the walls with the rumble of the bass. There was no time to come back down to earth after our set as MKRTH picked up right where we left off playing some excellently hard hitting sounds, taking the crowd along with him to techno bliss.

Taking the stage props even further, Emil devised a sneaky plan to attach bars to the DJ booth at Bar Eleven taking the industrial feel of the night towards the theoretical maximum. The excessive use of the smoke machine, the projector and the bars all blended to create the underground feel we crave so much from the continent.

The four different sets played on the night were all distinct in their flavour, ranging from minimal/melodic to industrial/hard techno. An amazing night, the crowd was amazing and as far as I could see, through the smoke anyways, most people did not budge a single step from the dance floor.

As always it was an amazing night filled with amazing people and amazing music. Thanks so much to all that came down (apparently nearing 160 of yous!) and especially thanks to Bar Eleven for continuing to give us the space to bring our vision to Notts.


the other 45 of park90, sometime producer and full time enthusiast.

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Techno through the Haze and Kicks with Park90 at Bar Eleven