posted on 18 February 2024
Müllraum – Techno is here to stay in Notts

Night life in Notts has always been top notch and there is rarely a time where it seems its not always pushing the boundaries of a contemporary scene. This was proved once again when, as a little warm up to a DnB night, we begged our way in to see the latest offering of Techno in Notts by the hands of the Müllraum in the Lord Roberts basement.

The basement was absolutely packed full of exquisitely dressed tech-heads, all moving and sweating to great rollers after rollers with room for experimental sounds to be thrown into the mix.

The atmosphere created down in the basement was exactly what we want from a techno rave; dark setting, vibrant lights, DJs who loved their craft and a crowd to seal it.

It’s great to see the techno scene in Notts growing in all ways with different expressions and sounds to rival the parties found on the continent.

The next Müllraum event is on the 4th of April back in the Prohibition basement of the Roberts, highly recommend!


the other 45 of park90, sometime producer and full time enthusiast.

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Müllraum – Techno is here to stay in Notts