posted on 1 October 2023
Montana Hidden Rooftop Party

To really kick off the return of the darker months, Emil and I went to a party thrown by the institution that is Montana hosted by the legends that are Dilk and Sylvia. When I say went, this is also incorporated a lil’ spin on the decks alongside some excellently skilled DJs. Including a temporary MC using the headphones to announce the acts. The DIY scene is in vogue at the moment…

Emil came in strong with his underground cuts from sources near and afar, you know places afar like Berlin cus he loves a bit of Berlin don’t he.

Then came Marky C increasing the tempo with some old skool breaks which saw some very elegant footwork on the floor. You can listen to his mix he re-recorded here.

Rolling into me slapping some neurofunk drum and bass through the speakers because why not blow the flipping roof off the roofless rooftop.

Rounding off the music of the night was a lil’ back to back between the one himself (Dilk) and AXEMAN playing between old skool and the party favourite Gabba, just to remind everyone that one can always go HARDER.

Of course as with all good parties the music wasn’t the only bit; there was a bar to keep us flush, the Notts skyline for a backdrop and a gooood few ravers throwin their arms an’ slammin’ their feet.


the other 45 of park90, sometime producer and full time enthusiast.

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Montana Hidden Rooftop Party