posted on 18 March 2024
May the 4th be with us – Techno, here, again.

After a winter slumber, we’re set to return to Bar Eleven, Nottingham. If you’ve attended our previous parties, you know the drill: dimly lit, smoke-filled, with music tuned just right for grooving.

A techno party should be a place where you can truly be yourself, dance freely, and experience exactly what you desire.
Despite limited resources and our ongoing commitment to keeping it a free party, we will always strive to maintain such an atmosphere – and we believe Bar Eleven continues to be a great place to make it happen.


Our December party brought us two amazing DJs, D3NI4L and MKRTH, both sharing our mission of bringing some techno to Nottingham.

Joining us for the first time is Orsa, a fresh techno artist we discovered raving at our events.


You may have noticed that our party posters and flyers closely resemble our website – they’re literally just screenshots.

Earlier this year, I decided to dive into shaders, which are essentially little programs that tell your GPU where, when, and what colour pixels to display. While they can be quite challenging to create from scratch, I found it fairly easy to integrate some already made shaders, thanks to the three.js setup already in use on our website.

The original shader code comes from and is used with courtesy of Patricio Gonzalez Vivo, who drew inspiration from the works of Ikeda, a Japanese visual artist.Datastream by Ikeda, 2019.

I’ve tweaked the colours, speed, and generally experimented with it. You can expect to see some more robust variations of this kind, layered on geometries during our party.

What I found particularly interesting and pleasing is that I could transform the code into visual art on the website and then print it out. In the web industry, developers often find themselves at odds with designers who are more accustomed to print techniques and may not fully understand how to design for browsers.

So, why not reverse the process and print the websites instead?


A solid 45 of 90 in park/90

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May the 4th be with us – Techno, here, again.