posted on 1 October 2023
Hello World; welcome to park website

Welcome to the park90 website! If you’re reading this, it means the plan worked and the website has already found its purpose. Thanks!

So, what exactly is park90? 

After two years of the park90 fellowship, we’ve drawn some conclusions. Primarily, we don’t wish to be pigeonholed into any single musical genre. Our interests span a vast spectrum, and the last thing we desire is to be stereotyped as just “park90 DJs.” Rather, we envision park90 as a dynamic movement, a collective of creatives. Under this banner, we aim to produce a myriad of content, ranging from music, animations and graphic design to events and perhaps even magazines or t-shirts. Our minds are brimming with ideas, and this website serves as a canvas for them all.

 Music, Culture, and Output.

Music remains the core essence that binds Park90. We’ve hosted numerous gigs and collaborated on various musical projects for over two years. While Simon has delved into music production, I’ve been on a quest for unique samples. To put it simply, we are deeply entrenched in the world of music, often finding ourselves lost in thought about the latest tune or mix. This website provides a platform to showcase our mixes and productions.
With ambitions to launch a ‘Label’ section, we aspire to curate a diverse range of music.

Culture transcends us. It envelopes us and without our friends and the vibrant community of artists in Nottingham, we’d be adrift. Collaborations, participation, or even mere attendance at events is what drives us. The buzz of a new art exhibition, concert, rave, or casual hangout is irresistible. The joy of discovering a quaint record shop, forming an instant bond, and sharing mutual passions is unparalleled. Through this portal, we aim to chronicle these experiences and bolster fellow artists in any way possible.

Output, in essence, encompasses every other creative endeavor emerging from Park90. The website itself is an output. Every article, every image, every design element represents an output of our collective mind. Simon harbors ambitions of creating magazines, being an avid collector himself. There’s also photography, graphic design (we’re refining that), coded animations, and various web innovations. We envision this website evolving, introducing interactive sections and offering game-like experiences.


A solid 45 of 90 in park/90

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Hello World; welcome to park website