posted on 25 February 2024
Crate – Notts new gem

Exciting news for Nottingham!

A brand new café and record store named Crate has just been announced to open soon.

While the name “Crate” might not ring a bell immediately, another name linked to it surely will – Where Wax. In essence, Crate will be a literal crate for Where Wax, as cleverly illustrated in the reveal animation.

Where Wax and the Creator.

Desmond, the proprietor of Where Wax, is somewhat of a legend around these parts. He’s been a fixture in the local ‘scene’ long before I even set foot in Nottingham. From spinning tunes on pirate radios (allegedly, hush!) to hosting some of the best parties in town, Desmond’s passion for music is undeniable. “Decs” isn’t just a nickname; he’s got the credentials and the heart to run a top-notch record store.

DesmondDesmond at it.

Desmond and his shop hold a special place in my heart. My journey with Where Wax began when it was set up in the Carousel in Nottingham. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in the right spot. The vibe was incredible, and Desmond’s passion and knowledge about music were evident. Sharing a similar music taste, we hit it off, cracking open some cans long after the shop closed, and eventually found ourselves attempting to skate around Nottingham (or at least giving it our best shot) on a random borrowed skateboard.

Since that day, thanks to Where Wax, I’ve connected with numerous like-minded souls, local DJs, and deepened my love for vinyl. Whenever someone asks me “so, what’s the deal with records in 2024, can’t you just buy digital?” I always try to explain the sense of community and culture surrounding it, which this very shop bestowed upon me.

That modest place, often quiet and unassuming, became my sanctuary – a place where music thrived and conversations flowed freely.


In recent years, things were notably quieter with post-COVID and all, and the shop was primarily operating online – but it’s clear that not having a physical shop wasn’t the same.

Sure, there were numerous successful pop-ups, but I think we were all eagerly awaiting its return in a more permanent, robust form. And honestly, no one who knows Desmond ever doubted whether he would come back.

Mimm Studios Where was pop upMimm Studios WW pop-up, 2022

Crate, I believe, will be the same beloved Where Wax, but now with its very own space to house all that goodness and the community that its creator has so carefully cultivated.

The location couldn’t be better – right next to the Golden Fleece – already a familiar spot for record enthusiasts (revinyl notts), and on the way into town, where most folks probably think, “Might as well grab a coffee.”

Musically, I have no doubts it’s going to be fantastic. If there’s anyone in Nottingham right now who has the dedication and the necessary connections to bring in quality electronic music, it’s Desmond.

As for the coffee, count on finding us there. Having such a simple excuse as coffee provides the perfect reason to drop by, catch up, and immerse ourselves in the tunes, even on days when we’re not necessarily shopping for records.

So, yeah, we’re all excited for it, and we can’t wait. It’s yet another solid building block in Nottingham’s music scene.

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