We’ve met in a park, we tried things, it worked. We love music, art, culture, nightlife, and we like making things. We also love to party and make ourselves and people around us feel good.
That’s pretty much what park/90 is all about.

This thing.

This website is a creative space – not only for us, but hopefully in time for anyone who wants to contribute to it.

Our initial idea is we want to write about the culture in Notts like; parties here and there, sharing music we like or produce, sharing interests and generally anything else that takes our fancy.

Naturally this thing will grow. Plan is to expand, add new pages, sparkle some more creative web things, post our music, expand blog to individual authors and so on…
If you have an idea, or you want to make something with us, just pop us a message.

Alternatively go to the park and pop a can. Cheers.